Our pizzeria is located at Pärnu seaside called Düün.

Coming from town, head straight from Supeluse street until Hedon spa, step on the promenade that leads you to the sea, pass by street food restaurant Muhe and our pizza chefs are already waving hello!


This year’s summer season is over.

See you again in the spring of 2024.

Queso Pizzeria has drawn inspiration from Italy to offer vacationers authentic Napoli-style stone oven pizzas. Each pizza is made with heart and crafted by hand right in front of the vacationers.

We prepare the dough from type 00 flour and only use the strength of our hands to roll it into a round pizza base. The pizza recipes are created traditionally on the principle of “less is more”, just like in Italy, and each pizza combines the flavors of 3-4 components into a unified whole.

The pizzas are baked at high temperatures in a pizza oven made in Northern Italy, which we heat with black alder.

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